PRO-LINK® TuffSkins™ HD Coreless Roll -30x37,10 mic,Nat

PRO-LINK® TuffSkins™ HD Coreless Roll -30x37,10 mic,Nat

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PRO-LINK® Elite™ Roll Towel - 8" x 800', Natural White

RH713 and RH813 have up to 82% post-consumer waste, while RH714 and RH814 have up to 73% post-consumer waste and both are Green Seal® Certified and exceeds EPA guidelines. RH816 is 100% recycled and contain a minimum of 40% post-consumer waste. For use with PRO-LINK® Elite™ dispensers.


PRO-LINK® Green Certified Elite™ Toilet Tissue

Offers patented technology featuring a two-part core, which reduces waste and cost. High sheet count offers maximum capacity and reduce maintenance time. Flower embossed. 2 ply. 865 sheets per roll, 36 rolls per case.


PRO-LINK® TuffSkins™ HD Coreless Roll -24x24, 8 mic,Nat

Made with HDPE resins for superior strength and load capacity. Excellent chemical resistance, temperature resistance and odor containment. Star seal. Available in black or natural.

Buckeye® Symmetry® Foaming Hand Sanitizer - 1200 mL

Foaming waterless hand sanitizer that eliminates 99.99% of common disease-causing organisms. Rich foam formulation stays on your hand. No water or towels needed. Contains 62% ethyl alcohol and aloe and vitamin E to allow for repeated use. Sweet fragrance with no sticky residue. Ideal for healthcare, hospitality, retail facilities, and schools. MRSA kill claim.

Buckeye® Symmetry® Green Certified Foam Hand Wash-1250

Luxurious foaming hand cleaner that is biodegradable and free of all dyes. Certified by Green Seal™ meeting the GS41 standard. Green Certified®.

Berry PG6 Roll Liner - 42.5 x 47, 1.2 mil, Black

Made from post-industrial recycled resins. Good puncture and tear resistance. "Green" friendly.

Tork® Premium 2 Ply Bath Tissue w/Opticore®

Features an attractive floral embossing pattern and is designed for those customers who demand the maximum in strength, brightness and softness. Use Dispenser: 565728, 565828, 565628. 800 sheets per roll, 36 rolls per case.


Impact® Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser - Black

Wall-mountable to hold this washroom essential. Mounted by two-way tape or screws. Plastic dispenser holds 500 half-fold toilet seat covers. 16" L x 11" W x 3 1/4" D.

Impact® Toilet Seat Covers

Pair these with a toilet seat cover dispenser for a full washroom solution. Biodegradable. Made of 70% recycled post-consumer waste, 30% wood pulp. 15" L x 10 1/2" W x 1" D.